Garage Door Finishing 101

The Best Materials For Garage Panels

When it comes to exterior remodels, the garage is usually one of the best places to start. That is, updating your garage panels is a great remodel because of the huge impact it has on the style and functionality of your garage. This article looks at the best materials for garage door panels.

Aluminum Panels

Aluminum is probably the most common material for garage panels. It is lightweight and affordable, making it ideal for overhead garage doors. However, it has never been the most stylish choice. That is, most aluminum panels have a texture, but they traditionally are just one solid color. This is fine with a lot of people, but some people want to match their garage doors with the trim around the house.

Wooden Panels

Most trim, which includes window fixtures, door frames, and roof lines, is made out of wood. It is definitely possible to also have a wooden garage door. Most wooden garage doors actually have an aluminum frame, and then they are faced with a thin wood veneer. That is, the visible part of your panel is wood. But, on the inside of your garage, you will just see the back side of the aluminum panels.

The best thing about wooden panels of that they can be customized. If your exterior trim is a certain color, you can match it with a similar paint or stain finish. The worst thing about hardwood panels is that they do need some maintenance. This usually just involves keeping the wood sealed to protect it from moisture damage. If you are repainting or staining your garage panels for style reasons, you will also be reinforcing the finish and protecting the wood.

Vinyl Panels

If you like the look of hardwood, but don't want to deal with the maintenance, you might want to consider vinyl panels. Many vinyl garage panels have realistic prints that have grains and coloring to look like real wood. You will be impressed how much these vinyl panels look like real wood. You will be even more pleased with the fact that these products basically require zero maintenance. Vinyl is waterproof, so it can be easily kept up. They also have better insulation than aluminum panels.

In the end, any of these three materials can be perfect for your garage replacement. It all comes down to personal preference, budget, and your ability to maintain them. Check with a company like Georgia Garage Doors Inc. for more information.