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3 Things To Know About Your Garage Door Springs

Your garage door springs are part of your garage door. The garage door springers are responsible for making opening and closing your garage door a smoother process. When they replace, it may be difficult or impossible for you to open your garage door.

How Garage Door Springs Wear out

Garage door springs usually do not just break randomly. They get worn down over time due to all the lifting that they go through. Over time, due to constant use and exposure to the elements, the metal that make up your garage door springs can wear down and eventually break.

How to Tell When Your Garage Door Springs Are Done

Your garage door springs will give you a few signs that a spring is broken. If you manually open your garage door, you will notice that it is difficult to open your garage door and that your garage door feels heavier. If you have an automatic garage door, your garage door may sound really loud when it opens and closes. Your garage door has a couple of springs on it, and when even one of those springs break, your garage door suddenly feels a whole lot heavier.

If you are around when the spring breaks, it makes a loud noise that you are sure to hear. Springs generally break when they are under tension, and it can sound like a gun going off when a spring under tension breaks.

What to Do When A Garage Door Spring Breaks

When a garage door spring breaks, you want to be really careful. If the door is in the down position, you are going to want to disconnect the automatic door opener so that no one accidently tries to open the door until the spring has been replaced.

If the spring breaks and the door is partially open, block the track on the door and proper the door up so that nothing is in the path of the door. It can be almost impossible to fully close or open a garage door without a working spring.

Once you secure the garage door, alert everyone in your home not to operate the garage door, and disable the garage door opener, call a professional to replace the garage door springs. Garage door springs can be under a lot of pressure, and you want to exercise the most extreme caution when replacing a broken garage door spring, which is why this is a job for the professionals to handle. For more information, visit websites like