Garage Door Finishing 101

Signs Of A Problem After Attempting To Install Your Own Garage Door

If you decided to try to install your own garage door, you may have found that it is not behaving as well as you thought it would. Look for the following signs that there is a problem after attempting to install your garage door yourself.

Pops up after Closing It

One sign that there is an issue with the mechanics of the garage door is that it pops up every time you try to shut it. Even if it smoothly moves through the tracks, it may still come open once it reaches the ground. If the door constantly pops up after closing it, there may be an issue with the springs. If the springs were set too short, they will spring back to their original position after being stretched while the door closes, causing it to open every time.

Jerks and Stops When Moving

Another issue you may run into if you incorrectly installed your garage door is that the door jerks or intermittently stops while you are trying to open or close it. This problem could be caused by a misalignment of the door's rollers inside the tracks. When the rollers come into contact with any area in the tracks that are either bent or crooked, they will pause until the rollers gain enough momentum to push through. Or, if the misalignment is bad enough, the door may not go further than a certain point.

Or, the problem could be with the rollers themselves. If you attached the rollers so that they are crooked, they will not travel smoothly through the tracks. If you continue to try to push them through the tracks, you run the risk of having them break off from the pressure.

Makes a Loud Bang While in Motion

If your door makes a loud banging noise whenever it is in motion, this is a sign of another problem with installation. The bang is most likely caused by the door itself because it is warping or being pushed together at certain areas along the tracks. If you installed the tracks so that they are crooked or too narrow for the door, the door will bow inward when it reaches certain spots. When the bend is released, it will create the banging sound as the metal is pushed back into position. 

If your garage door is exhibiting any of the above behaviors, you may have installed the door incorrectly. You may want to contact a professional who offers garage door installation services to inspect the door and make the necessary adjustments.

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