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Looking to Replace Your Garage Door? A List of Items That Should Be Included on the Estimate

If your garage door is rusty, warped, or dented, it is time to replace it. A new garage door is a bit of an investment, and as such, you should take your time to get quotes from different garage door replacement services. As you look at the estimates that are provided, be sure to ensure that everything is included on the estimate. If a company leaves items off, it may make the estimate appear low, when in reality, you will be hit with these charges later. Here are four items that should always be included on your estimate for a replacement garage door. 

The Cost of the Door Itself

When you are looking to replace your existing garage door, you will need to pick out a new garage door. New garage doors can vary in price based on many factors, including what material the garage door is made from, what gauge of metal is used on the garage door, and what thickness and type of insulation is found within the garage door. Decorative features such as windows can also drive the costs up. A garage door replacement service should always sit down with you to find out what type of garage door you are looking for and quote you a price that includes the exact door that fits your needs. 

Delivery and Haul-Away Costs

The second item that should be included on an estimate to replace your garage door is the cost to deliver the door and haul away your old garage door. Delivering and hauling away an old door can be pricey, due to its size. This is why it is important to ensure these items are listed on an estimate. 

The Cost of an Electric Opener

When you replace your existing garage door, you will likely also need to replace your electric garage opener. The system you already have may not be compatible with your new door. As such, the installation company should be able to help you find a new opener and provide you with an estimate that includes the price of this opener. 

Labor and Installation Costs

Lastly, your estimate should always include the labor and installation costs for not only your new garage door but also all of the other components that go into your new door, including springs, tracks, and the electric opener. Always make sure that the labor and installation estimate includes everything, not just the door itself. 

If you are looking to replace your garage door, always ensure these four items are included on any estimate you receive. This will help to ensure that you are properly comparing the price from one company to another. Ultimately, this allows you to find a fairly priced company to replace your existing garage door.