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Three Things You Should Teach Kids About Garage Door Safety

If you have kids, you know they can get themselves into trouble with just about anything. When you own a home, you should teach your kids about all the hidden dangers that they may find themselves exposed to. Fire drills and learning about carbon monoxide dangers are pretty standard, but teaching your kids about your garage door can bring you more peace of mind! Here are three things you can teach your kids about your garage door to help your family avoid accidents and property damage:

Garage Door Openers

Teaching your kids where the garage door openers are located is an easy way to help keep them safe. If your garage door has a code remote opener, it can be a great way for them to let themselves into the home.  If they find themselves locked out of the home, they need to know how to get access. This can help keep them safe and save you quite a bit of hassle. Teach them how to open a garage door during a power outage. If they need to escape from the home or help let a vehicle out, this is an important thing to know. When your home loses power and doesn't have a backup battery, you will need to manually open and close the door. Look at the owner's manual that came with your garage door and learn how to do this safely.

Pinched fingers

Teaching kids to keep their fingers away from the garage door panels is something that can prevent a lot of tears. When doors are activated with the garage door opener, the panels fold and pinch closed. Kids may innocently have their fingers too close to these gaps and can find themselves in a scary and painful situation.

Keep Garage Path Clear

Your garage door should have a sensor that is activated any time someone pushes the garage door opener. This sensor makes sure there is nothing in the path of the garage door as it is lowered to the ground. Teaching kids to give sufficient space as the door closes is critical. Teach them that toys, bikes, or any other object placed in the path of the door could cause the door to come off its tracks and fall. 

Teaching your kids to use the garage door opener, to avoid injury, and to prevent damage can be a great way to keep your family safe. If your garage door is damaged beyond repair or has malfunctioning safety lasers, you need to call a professional for garage door replacement or repair. Check out a website like to learn more.