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The Residential Garage Door Troubleshooting Guide to Address Issues That Require Repairs

When you are having problems with your garage door, you want to know what is causing the issues. Sometimes, you can easily solve garage door problems on your own, but there are some issues that require repairs. The following garage door troubleshooting will allow you to identify the issues that need to be repaired quickly:

Problems With Modern Door Controls

Many things can be controlled with modern garage door controls. These systems may include automation and safety features that need to be inspected regularly to ensure that they are working properly. These problems might be due to bad sensors, failing control panels, or issues with your garage door opener. If you are repairing older controls and openers, you may want to upgrade them with modern features, such as automation that controls things like lighting when you pull into your garage.

Issues With Damaged Garage Door Tracks

The door tracks can also be a problem that affects your garage door. These problems often start with clutter and objects hitting the tracks. You want to check to make sure there are not any obstructions causing these issues. If they are bent, it can cause damage to the other components like rollers and the brackets that support the tracks. If problems with the tracks have damaged the rollers and other components, these parts are also going to need to be replaced.

Broken Springs and Cable Issues

The springs are another area where you may need to check for problems with your garage door. Often, the problems with the door springs lead to other issues that need to be repaired. The problems with the spring may also cause issues with the cables becoming loose or breaking. Therefore, the cables and pulleys may also be problems that need to be addressed when you have your garage door repaired.

Problems With Door Balance and Frame

You may also have problems with the alignment of your door. When your garage door becomes out of balance, it can lead to issues with the tracks and cause stress on other components. This may also cause problems with the frame surrounding the opening, which may need to be repaired too. If materials like the seals around the garage door frame are worn, you can have them replaced while other repair work is done.

The problems with your garage door are going to need repairs when they cause hazards and damage. Call a garage door service, such as Garage Works, for help repairing these issues when you have a problem with your door.