Garage Door Finishing 101

Four Factors That Determine Whether Your Garage Door Can Be Repaired

Damaged garage doors can often be repaired rather than replaced, and there are a few different ways you can try to find out which is the best option. Beyond the extent of the damage, it's important to consider what your door is made of, how isolated the damage is, and if any of that damage has spread to other components.


One of the first things to check is how widespread the damage is. For example, if you have a panel door and only one of the panels is damaged, this makes it easier to repair the door since only one panel needs to be swapped out. Conversely, widespread damage, even if it's not that serious, can be more of a challenge—or at the very least, more expensive to repair. It's worth having your garage door system inspected to make sure nothing is missed.


The seriousness of the damage is often just as important as how widespread the damage is. While some parts can be swapped out, like with panel doors, this may not be an option if the damage is serious even if it's isolated. For example, if one panel has been badly damaged, it could have affected the hinges in a way that means simply swapping the panel can't realistically be done. Generally, the more serious the damage, the more difficult it will be to repair it, regardless of how small the affected area is.


The material your door is made of can make a big difference in some positive ways. For example, dents in metal doors can be repaired in ways that damage to something like vinyl cannot. Widespread damage to something like wood, such as warping or bowing, can sometimes be straightened out by a specialist even if it's affecting the entire door. So don't count out repairs as a possibility even if you have a one-piece door or one that at first seems difficult to take care of.

Damage to Other Components

When your door is damaged, it can often spread to other parts of your garage door system, and this can sometimes mean the difference between repairs and replacements. For example, if a door is hit hard by something, like a vehicle, this can bend hinges, push your door track out of alignment, damage your spring, and even potentially affect the garage door opener itself. This isn't a guarantee, but it does mean that even if the door itself isn't very badly damaged, the culmination of damage to your door system might make it more cost-effective to look at a total replacement.

For additional information, contact a garage door repair service in your area.