Garage Door Finishing 101


How to Replace Garage Panels

Garage doors need to be replaced over time. Just like any other design feature in the outside of your home, old garage doors can date your home. They can also wear down and get dinged over the years. Basically, there a quite a few good reasons to invest in new garage doors. However, if you have a limited budget, you can often replace just the panels of your garage. Th

How To Stop Annoying Squeaks And Rattles When You Open Your Garage Door

If your garage door wakes up everyone in your home when you open it, or causes the neighborhood dogs to start barking, it's time to make some repairs. Garage doors should be lubricated occasionally and if you've been lax about doing it, you may have some rusted, worn, or squeaking parts. You can usually lubricate a garage door yourself, but you might need to call a pr

Rattling Garage Door? Try These Easy Solutions

Does your garage door make an obnoxious noise every time it opens or closes? The rattling is more than just an annoyance. It's a sign that something is wrong with the door, and if you continue to ignore the rattling, additional mechanisms and parts inside the door may jiggle themselves loose, making matters worse. Sometimes, you may end up needing to have a garage doo

3 Ways To Upgrade The Look Of Your Garage Door

If you don't like the way that your garage door looks, and you are working on remodeling the outside of your house, upgrade the look of your garage door while you are at it. You can add a wood overlay to give your garage door some more dimensionality, add carriage house hardware over the top of the garage door, and paint your garage door. Add A Wood Overlay When you w

Garage Door Safety And Security Tips

Your garage door is something you don't think about very much. It opens when you need it to open, and beyond its appearance affecting your curb appeal, you probably don't spend more than a few seconds per day contemplating your garage door -- until something goes wrong. When the door is not opening or when animals are getting in the garage because of a bad seal, sudde