Garage Door Finishing 101

Garage Door Finishing 101

Three Things You Should Teach Kids About Garage Door Safety

If you have kids, you know they can get themselves into trouble with just about anything. When you own a home, you should teach your kids about all the hidden dangers that they may find themselves exposed to. Fire drills and learning about carbon monoxide dangers are pretty standard, but teaching your kids about your garage door can bring you more peace of mind! Here

Your Garage Door Opener And When To Call For A Repair

While your entire automatic garage door system can last up to 30 years, the same is not true for your garage door opener. Over time, your garage door opener is going to wear out and you will need to have a replacement at some point. In general, a garage door opener will last about 15 years, so you will need to have your opener replaced over the lifespan of your entire

3 Ways To Make Your Garage Work Like New Again

Your garage door is likely one of the most used parts of your house and maybe even one of the most neglected. If you want to take better care of your garage door without having to replace it, then this article is the perfect thing for you. From changing out your motor to calling a repair specialist, this article will take a closer look at three specific things that yo

Looking to Replace Your Garage Door? A List of Items That Should Be Included on the Estimate

If your garage door is rusty, warped, or dented, it is time to replace it. A new garage door is a bit of an investment, and as such, you should take your time to get quotes from different garage door replacement services. As you look at the estimates that are provided, be sure to ensure that everything is included on the estimate. If a company leaves items off, it may

Signs Of A Problem After Attempting To Install Your Own Garage Door

If you decided to try to install your own garage door, you may have found that it is not behaving as well as you thought it would. Look for the following signs that there is a problem after attempting to install your garage door yourself. Pops up after Closing It One sign that there is an issue with the mechanics of the garage door is that it pops up every time you tr